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Retail & Manufacturers

Wearing Apparel

With its origins serving the fast paced New York apparel and textile industries, Vartest has considerable experience testing to Product Performance Specifications from the Consumer Products Safety Commission and major US Retailers and Manufacturers.  Vartest
provides ILAC/MRA ISO 17025 test reports to support Certificates Of Compliance and also to determine whether retailer or vender performance is being complied with and maintained.

Active Sportswear programs utilize Vartest’s specialized expertise in Moisture and Thermal Management as well as finish analysis to provide basis for marketing claims as well as verification of vendor claims

Testing to determine luxury apparel and accessory compliance with Japanese, US, and European standards using JIS, ISO, AATCC and ASTM test methods, Vartest confirms fiber content, seam, colorfastness, and overall garment performance.

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ASTM D4155 – Women’s and Girls’ Woven Sportswear, Shorts, Slacks, and Suiting Fabrics
ASTM D4154 – Men’s and Boys’ Knitted and Woven Beachwear and Sports Shirt Fabrics
ASTM D7020 – Woven Blouse, Dress, Dress Shirt Sport Shirt Fabrics
ASTM D7019 – Brassiere, Slip, Lingerie and Underwear Fabrics
ASTM D3780 – Men’s and Boys’ Woven Dress Suit Fabrics and Woven Sportswear Jacket, Slack, and Trouser Fabrics
ASTM D3783 – Woven Flat Lining Fabrics for Men’s and Boys’ Apparel (Withdrawn 2011)