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Military & Outdoor

Military & Outdoor

Vartest Laboratories, Inc. is able to provide manufacturers of military textiles with the testing necessary to ensure that your products are meeting the most rigorous standards necessary for use in Military

Our laboratory has the latest equipment including Thermal Protective Performance Tester (TPP), our Radiant Protective Performance Tester (RPP), Sweating Guarded Hotplate System, and our Differential Scanning Calorimeter to meet many of the Military Standards’ testing needs that include changes in variables such as temperature, humidity, rain, immersion, photometrics, electrical, etc.

Our unique testing capabilities allow us to test all military products and combat gear for a variety of performance standards including visible and infrared spectrophotometric performance for camouflage analysis:

  • Flame and Thermal Protection including
    • Vertical Flame Resistance (ASTM D6413)
    • Thermal Protective Performance (NFPA 2112, 8.2)
    • Thermal Transmittance of Materials (ASTM F1868)
    • Radiant Protective Performance (NFPA 1977)
    • UL94
  • Performance Technologies including:
    • Breathability
    • Air Permeability
    • Water Proof/Water Resistance/Water Repellency (Vartest has the ability to test over one hundred and ninety millimeters of water column pressure)
    • Moisture Management
    • Moisture Vapor Transmission
    • Moisture Wicking
    • Durability
    • Heat & Thermal Shrinkage Resistance
    • Static Decay
    • Electrostatic Clinging
  • Biological Testing
    • Antibacterial Streak Method (AATCC 147)
    • Antibacterial Finishes (AATCC 100 & ASTM E2149)
    • Antifungal Activity – Mildew & Rot (AATCC 30)
    • Resistance to Fungi (ASTM G21)
    • Resistance to Bacteria (ASTM G22)
    • Presence of Permethrin
  • Physical Testing
    • Strength
    • Construction
    • Colorfastness
    • Stiffness
    • Thickness

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All of these tests are run under an ISO17025 quality system to ensure that results are authoritative.

We can provide you with complete testing service for your military/combat gear and products from prototypes to final end use items.