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  • Fill out a test request form. Test request forms may have particular instructions for certain markets or end uses.
  • Mark the face of the sample. Tests like abrasion and colorfastness are face based so Vartest needs to know which side of the fabric you are interested in the performance of.
  • Indicate the warp, wale or machine direction of the fabric. If your sample has a selvage Vartest will know what the length direction of the fabric is so you don’t have to indicate it.
  • A one-yard full width sample is adequate for most tests. The standard number and size of specimens can be found at: under resources. If you have a small sample Vartest can still work with it. If the test needs to be modified to accommodate small sample size a note will be added to the report to indicate this.
  • You don’t have to cut out the specimens. Vartest prefers to cut its own specimens from the sample you submit.

ASTM D3776 Sampling Example:

5 specimens are cut from a one yard full width textile sample as well as measuring its width to calculate square and linear fabric weight using ASTM D3776. Each test method specifies the number of specimens to use.

Vartest does not need a full width sample to calculate fabric weight unless linear weight is required. We can determine oz/sq yard or grams per square meter (GSM) from a sample as small as a postage stamp.

Where to Send Your Sample

Sample Reception
Vartest Laboratories, Inc.
19 West 36th Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Phone: (212) 947-8391

  • If you have a usual Point Of Contact person at Vartest send the sample to them instead of Sample Reception.
    • Vartest is open for package pick up and drop off from 7AM to 7 PM Monday – Friday. Weekend pick up and drop off can be arranged.
  • Email your usual point of contact at Vartest or call (212) 947-8391 with any questions.
  • Provide Vartest with a tracking number for your shipment if using a shipping service.