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Flammability Testing

Supervised by experienced flammability specialists, our flammability department is the choice of many retailers, as well as home furnishing, automotive, military, and aeronautical organizations and suppliers. We are long-term members of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Our ISO 17025 accredited test reports are accepted internationally. Vartest possesses significant and coordinated groups of test equipment for assessing the flammability related characteristics of materials in conformance
with the following test procedures.

  • Children’s Sleepwear (CFR 1615/1616)
  • Vertical Flame Resistance (ASTM D6413)
  • 45° Degree – Wearing Apparel (CPSC 16CFR 1610)
  • Large & Small Scale (NFPA-701-2010, NFPA 701-1989)
  • Cigarette Ignition (CAL 116, NFPA 260, BIFMA/UFAC)
  • Carpets – Timed Methenamine Pill (CFR 1630/1631)
  • Thermal Protective Performance (NFPA 1971, NFPA 2112)
  • Radiant Protective Performance (ASTM F1939)
  • California Technical Bulletin (CAL 117A,B,C,D&E)
  • Blanket (ASTM D4151)
  • FAA Fire Testing – Vertical & Horizontal (FAR 25.853)
  • Mattress Pads/Mattress Ticking (CPSC 16CFR 1632)
  • Motor Vehicle Safety (MVSS 302)
  • Toys (CPSC 16 CFR 1500.44) – ASTM F963-A5
  • Sleeping Bags (CPAI 75/ASTM F1955)
  • Tents (CPAI 84)
  • Upholstered Furniture (IMO Res. A652 (16) & ISO 15025)
  • Bedding (IMO Res. A688 (17))
  • Vertical Textiles & Films (IMO Res. A471)
  • Muffle Furnace Methods (ASTM D4218 & ASTM D5630)
  • Range of Military methods

Vartest maintains not only ISO/IEC 17025 accredited facilities for flammability testing, but also aqueous and solvent based refurbishment systems and environmental cabinets needed to treat samples prior to testing.