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Industrial – Defect Analysis

Coated fabric x-section

Vartest has earned an excellent reputation for its ability to analyze defects, solve quality problems, and provide conclusive reports related to fabric, garment, home furnishing products, or safety and protective items along with many other manufacturers of products.

Because this type of analysis, testing, and report work is essentially investigational in nature, it is often difficult to anticipate the time and charges involved – especially when several technologists are required to contribute their “know how” and use sophisticated instruments and techniques. By describing the quality problem on our Defect Analysis Request Form, clients can save some money and our time. Quotations outlining the project and objectives with an outline of the work required and time frame involved can be requested.

Typical projects include fabric stain analysis, source of pilling, coated fabric cracking, coating analysis, discoloration and yellowing, barre, holes, and failure analysis.