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Light Microscopy


Renowned for fiber expertise and Microscopy, Vartest is the #1 Choice in the U.S.A. Our comprehensive fiber reference library is second to none.

Chemical Analysis

Chemical Analysis

The best fully equipped and experienced #1001 CPSIA Accredited laboratory in the U.S.A.

Physical & Mechanical

We pride ourselves in being able to test and evaluate technical problems and defect analysis on a wide range of products.

colormetrics laboratory


Staffed by textile technologists and technicians, our colorfastness laboratory is capable of evaluating to international testing standards.


Evaluation and testing of safety apparel & protective clothing including high visibility products is one of Vartest’s specialties.

Flammability Testing

New TPP instruments meet the latest NFPA standards. Our certified reports are accepted internationally.

Thermal Evaluations

Our Sweating Guarded Hot Plate and Environmental Chamber perform unique tests.

Antimicrobial & Biosafety

Microbiological and fungal tests for many applications and industries.

Moisture Management

Vartest provides over thirty industry approved tests to assess the way materials interact with water in liquid or vapor form.

Water Penetration

Three hydrostatic instruments perform water penetration tests on a wide range of materials.

Dimensional Stability

Consumer and commercial laundering and drycleaning to meet various industry standards.

Defect Analysis

Determine origin of quality problems in fiber, yarn fabric, and pharmaceutical and commodity products.

Specialty Evaluations

Make comparative tests based on known product specifications and protocols.

Arbitrations & Patents

Render independent findings and conclusions based on inspections and investigations.

Miscellaneous Testing

A wide range of tests for many specialized products and protocols.