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Radiant protective performance Sweating guarded hotplate

Thermal Evaluations

  • ASTM F1868 and Evaporative Resistance of Clothing Materials Using a Sweating Guarded Hot Plate
    •     Procedure Part A – Thermal Resistance (Dry)
    •     Procedure Part B – Evaporative Resistance (Wet)
    •     Procedure Part C – Total Heat Loss in a Standard Environment (Dry & Wet)
  • Thermal Protective Performance (TPP), With & Without Spacers
    •     NFPA 1971
    •     NFPA 2112
    •     ASTM D4108
  • Radiant Protective Performance (NFPA 1977)
  • Heat & Thermal Shrinkage
    • NFPA 1971
    • NFPA 1975
    • NFPA 1977
    • ISO 17493
  • UL 94 (Including Full Differential Scanning Calorimetry Capability)
  • Thermal & Vapor Resistance (ISO 11092)

With multiple conditioning chambers covering a range of -70°C to +1000°C and a full range of Relative Humidities, Vartest has the ability to treat and access cold crack as well as other pre-treatment protocols such as DeMattia flexing and continuous rain (as in ANSI).

Vartest’s Sweating Guarded Hotplate, running NIST traceable Thermdac Software, provides the detail required for NFPA, ASTM, ISO and Military assessments of protective clothing systems. Operating on a fast turn basis in conjunction with our computerized washing and drycleaning machines which provide pretest refurbishments needed for certification protocols.